Registry User FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the Institute's Participant Registry. Please see below important information regarding usage and access to the Participant Registry. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via phone (502) 852-5629 or email us. 

How many participants do you have in the registry? 

Currently we have around 150 individuals enrolled in the registry and are continuing to enroll more. 

What is the process for using the Registry? 

All requests to use a sample from the participant registry will be required to complete a request form which will be reviewed by the research team to assure that it is a legitimate research proposal and the research team will decide if the use of the participant registry requires IRB approval or a disclaimer. Once the Institute research team approves the request and if the proposal requires IRB approval, the researchers requesting use of the registry will either 1) work with the Institute to obtain IRB approval for a fee, or 2) will obtain IRB approval on their own from either the University of Louisville, affiliated University, or a private IRB, if deemed necessary.

Is there a charge to use the registry to recruit participants into my study? 

Yes. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

If any business wishes to retain the Institute for the purposes of obtaining the IRB approval and conducting the research project, in addition to use of the Registry, the fee for these services will be determined on a case by case basis.
Regarding fees, it should be noted, however, that the Institute understands that in many circumstances, prospective researchers wanting to make use of the Registry may not have funding for a project despite the value and contribution that the project may provide to the older adult population. Given this, the Institute will work with these entities to arrive at a suitable arrangement that benefits both parties.

How do participants find out about my study or product test?

The Institute will contact individuals from the Registry if and/or when they are matched to an appropriate research project or product testing opportunity. The Institute will inquire about the selected participants' interest, and then obtain informed consent for the project or review a disclaimer for the project with the potential participant. 

What should I do once the IRB and/or sponsor have approved my use of the Registry? 

Please contact the Institute and provide the letter from the IRB. 

As a coordinator or investigator, how can I find out more information about the registry? 

You can contact the Institute at 502-852-5629. 


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