Student Opportunities

The Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging offers a variety of student opportunities across several disciplines, including social work, engineering, and geriatrics & palliative medicine. We invite you to explore how your passions, skills, and interests could be strengthened by joining the Institute's team. Contact us to learn more about customized programs for legal students and nursing students.

**New offer for Students!**

We are excited to offer a new graduate-level practicum placement for students in their final year of studies in the following disciplines: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (doctoral-level), Counseling Psychology (master-level), and Social Work (master-level). 

About the Program: Flourish Behavioral Health Graduate Internship Program is a one-year, paid internship that trains students to provide care coordination and behavioral health interventions while working with older adults in rural Kentucky. Placements begin Fall 2018.

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Practicum Placement
Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
Palliative Medicine Fellowship
Engineering Capstone

Engineering Capstone 

This partnership focuses on the development of new monitoring tools and technologies that will improve the ability of older adults and caregivers to monitor health, communicate with healthcare providers, and manage chronic conditions effectively and safely within their homes. The goal of the Engineering Capstone at the Institute is to identify and address emerging areas of innovation as from the perspective of the aging care industry. The resulting concepts are both vetted by older adults to ensure projects. Projects are then tested after development by the same group of older adults.

If you are enrolled in UofL's Electrical Engineering Program and wish to learn more about a capstone opportunity with us, please contact Dr. Andre Faul, at [email protected]

Below is this year’s JB Speed School of Engineering Electrical Engineering students who did their capstone with the Institute! They worked on developing an alarm reminder system called “Friendly Reminder.” With the technology they developed, caregivers could create voice reminders that are converted to text on the screen. Their project was made via a 3D printer and uses speech to text google technology.


Below are capstone collaborations from previous years.

Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects

Reminder Rosie

Toilet Seat Weight Scale